With our Lithium Battery Powered Mobile Warming Technology, MobileWarm is the leading all-weather, rechargeable, mobile warming blanket.

Our patented battery powered mobile warming system utilizes the most advanced warming system and battery technology available. Designed to U.S. military specifications.

The MobileWarm Outdoor Warming Blanket utilizes elements that are durable and flexible. The re-chargeable Lithium batteries deliver safe, consistent, and long-lasting warmth. Rain in the forecast? No problem. Snow? Bring it on. Wind? Forget about it. Our system has been field tested under some of the worst conditions on Earth.

It’s washable, lightweight, durable, and easy to use. Whether you’re at a sporting event, hunting, fishing, or simply star gazing, a MobileWarm Outdoor Blanket is your ticket to a warm, comfortable outdoor experience. Anywhere. Anytime.


Blanket: 30”w x 60”
Package: 14”w x 10”h x 4.5”d
Weight: 2.5 lbs. (not including charger)

Technical Features

  • Lithium Battery Powered Warming Technology
  • Re-Chargeable Battery (6-8 hours charge time)
  • One Pre-Set Temperature Control
  • Warming Duration up to 4 Hours
  • Re-Charging System
  • Unisex Product Design
  • Waterproof Fabric
  • Windproof Fabric

Key Product Benefits

  • MobileWarm systems focus on portability, you do not have to be connected to an AC current.
  • MobileWarm systems use a 12V power system featuring a Lithium lightweight battery pack.
  • MobileWarm systems use a single switch on temperature setting.
  • MobileWarm systems are developed utilizing high-quality ripstop nylon that is waterproof and windproof.
  • MobileWarm systems comes with a simple manual for quick, easy instruction.
  • MobileWarm products are designed to be used in a wide variety of settings including sports, recreation, outdoor, work or other activities.

5 layers of heating heating comfort

1) Waterproof Nylon
2) Insulation
3) Heat dispersion/deflection
4) Heat Element
5) Waterproof Nylon



*Team logos and colors can be custom ordered.